Five Tips for Diesel Engine Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining your diesel engine, you have to keep in mind that it can be a lot different from maintaining a regular gas-powered vehicle. Unlike gas-powered engines, there are no electrical ignition parts. Here are five tips to maintaining your diesel engine.

Frequent Oil Changes

Your vehicle’s manual will help you to figure out how often the oil should be changed. Make sure not to miss any oil changes or to wait on them.

Diesel Treatment

When you stop for fuel, it doesn' hurt to add a bottle of diesel treatment. This will keep any impurities from affecting your engine.

Don't Idle

Only leave your vehicle idling for short periods of time. If you don't, you could be putting more stress on your engine than needed.

Drain Engine Separator

Take your vehicle to have its engine's water separator drained regularly.

Check Gaskets

Gaskets are being constantly exposed to extreme conditions. You want to make sure that they are regularly inspected. If you suspect any problems, it's imperative that you have your gasket replaced or repaired right away.

If you do find that your diesel engine is in need of repairs, make sure that you take it to a professional. For more information on diesel engine maintenance, contact Powerstroke Performance today.