Is It Time for a New Diesel Engine?

A diesel engine has many benefits, such as improved mileage over gasoline engines, a longer life span and more reliable service. That said, while diesel engines may be great in a lot of ways, they won't last forever.
Even the very best, well-made diesel engines are bound to run into problems at one point or another. The good news is that if you catch these issues early enough, you can usually have them repaired without major damage to your engine.
If you let them go on too long, though, the damage may be permanent, which would mean you'd have to replace your engine altogether.
To help avoid serious engine problems, it is smart to make yourself aware of the warning signs that your diesel engine is experiencing issues. That way, you can get those issues looked at right away and hopefully prevent lasting or very costly damage. Here are four signs that your diesel engine needs repairs.

1. Cold-Weather Damage

When the weather suddenly turns cold, it is normal for your engine to have a little bit of trouble turning over. That's not usually something to worry about as long as the problem doesn't happen too regularly.
However, if trouble starting your car becomes an everyday thing, or if your engine won't start at all, then something is wrong. It could be that a casing has been damaged by the cold weather, or the cold could have exacerbated already present damage.
A professional can help you determine what the problem is and what needs to be done to repair it.

2. Strange Sounds

Something else that you will want to be mindful of is if your engine suddenly starts making odd sounds.
Typically, any new vehicle sounds are not good and should be checked out, but this is especially true if they're coming from your engine.
A knocking sound from the engine is especially common when something has gone wrong, so take it as an indicator that your engine needs help.

3. Persistent Check Engine Light

Most dashboards have little lights that come on when something is wrong with your vehicle. One of the most troubling of these indicators is the Check Engine light.
When this light comes on, you can try taking care of basic service needs, like changing your oil. If none of that works, however, and the light stays lit, professional diagnostics should be run.

4. Smoking Engine

Few things are worse than finding that smoke is pouring out from under your hood.
If this happens to you, it could mean that you've got too much air in your engine. Another possibility is that your car has piston issues.
Whatever the actual problem may be, you'll want to stop driving your car until you can get it looked at. A smoking vehicle is one that is really struggling, and continuing to drive it can lead to much more severe damage, not to mention be hazardous to your health.
As you can see, many car problems will indicate to you that your vehicle's diesel engine is not functioning at its best. The important thing is simply that you are aware of these indicators and that you are on the lookout for them.
Doing these things will protect the health and integrity of your vehicle, especially if you have a good mechanic service you can call on for engine help. For a service that truly knows and understands diesel engines, don't hesitate to contact Powerstroke Performance and Repair, LLC. They specialize in diesel engine repair, so you can rest assured that your vehicle will get the best possible care.