The Advantages of Oil Coolers

An oil cooler is a small radiator that can be placed in front of an automobile’s cooling system. It aids in lowering the temperature of oil that passes through. This cooler only works while the motor is running and can even be applied to high stress transmission oil. If your vehicle has a cooling system reliant mostly on air, then an oil cooler can offer many additional advantages.

Great Addition to Engines Cooled by Air

Because air-cooled engines typically run hotter than most, when you install an oil cooler you can reduce the high temperatures and potentially extend the life of the engine quite dramatically.

Perfect for Trucks and Motor Homes

Since oil coolers are used in addition to your standard cooler, they offer some of the best advantages to vehicles that are heavier and put more strain on the drive train. The installation of the oil cooler is fairly easy because most transmissions and engines have been designed to accept an oil cooler after purchase.
Be aware that you must use up to 2 quarts more oil at each oil change to operate your added oil cooler. However, this is a small price to pay for the safer operation of your engine and the potential increase in longevity. For more information on the advantages of oil coolers contact Power stroke Performance.